The Weather Forecast in Dumont is Calling for Cytokine Storms

The Weather Forecast in Dumont
is Calling for Cytokine Storms

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Cytokines are chemical messengers produced by your body. Normally these messengers call inflammatory products to areas of infection or injury. This is a good thing since cytokines allow your body to effectively fight disease and to heal itself.

Coronavirus can cause Cytokine Storms in Dumont

Viruses like influenza and the new Coronavirus cause unusually large amounts of cytokines to be released and results excessive levels of inflammation. This increased release of cytokines is called a "Cytokine Storm" and can be a big problem for your health.

It is usually the elderly and chronically ill who are prone to elevated cytokine release. However, any of us who live a life filled with physical, mental or chemical stresses are primed to suffer cytokine storm.
Listening to the CDC by practicing social distancing, frequent hand washing and avoiding unnecessary travel is essential for slowing the spread of Corona. Additionally, while "cytokine storms" are in the forecast, you need to be carrying an "Anti-inflammatory umbrella."

There are simple actions you must take to protect yourself from the virus and to limit its impact if you do become infected. Chiropractors in Dumont at The Back Care Center, we are here to help you understand what you must be doing during this time.

We are dedicated to keeping our patients healthy and providing them with the information they need to protect their health. We provide nutritional support, stress management, exercise, supplementation, and chiropractic. All with the focus of lowering inflammatory levels, enhancing normal immune function and protecting your health.

If you have any questions about your personal "Anti-inflammatory umbrella," call us today at (201) 387-7463.


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