Coronavirus Concerns in Dumont

Coronavirus Concerns in Dumont

Sick Child with Coronavirus in Dumont NJ

We are in the midst of a worldwide health crisis but keep calm and be patient.  It is going to be alright. Many of us are stuck at home, watching the news and worrying.  So instead, let’s talk about what you can do to help the situation for yourself, your family and friends.

First, follow the CDC’s recommendations of social distancing and hand washing.  Avoid those who are demonstrating symptoms, have travelled, or been exposed to others with the virus.  This is a sound approach which should slow the spread of Corona.

Second, do what you can to improve your own health NOW.  This may help you avoid getting the virus and can give you a better possibility of combating it if you do contract the illness.

Here is a list of healthy actions which will have a positive impact on your immune system:

  • Rest – Get on a regular sleep cycle of 6-8 hours every night. That is when our bodies work to heal, repair and regenerate.
  • Eat Good Food – Diets rich in vegetables, protein, fruits and nuts are generally anti-inflammatory and support your immune system. This also means avoiding foods like grains and sugars will enhance your health
  • Take Supplements – Even a healthy diet is usually lacking in essential vitamins and minerals. I recommend a good multivitamin, an omega 3 supplement, vitamin D3 and a good probiotic to help support the health of your gut.
  • Exercise – Yes, the gyms are closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Go out for a walk.  If you have some weights at home, use them.  If not, there is nothing wrong with doing things like pushups, crunches and lunge walks.
  • Manage your stress – Now is a good time to practice some meditation or to do some journaling. Read a good book or even watch a funny movie.  Please, stop watching the news all day.
  • Get Adjusted – Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to have a very positive effect upon immune function. Regular chiropractic care helps not just with back and neck pain, it improves your overall health as well.

At “The Back Care Center”, we are continuing to do everything we can to keep you healthy and safe.  Anyone who is showing signs of infections are recommended not to come to our office and instead are being directed for appropriate testing and treatment.  We are disinfecting our tables and our hands between each patient, keeping patients at a safe distance from each other, and working to minimize your exposure to other people.

Most importantly, we are providing necessary chiropractic care to help you during these times.


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