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Chiropractic Dumont, NJ Back Pain

A patient from Harrington Park came to see me because he was having lower back pain. The pain had started in his back and was traveling into his leg all the way into his foot. The MRI showed that he had a herniated disc that was pinching a nerve in his lower back. Not only was it causing him pain but also it was making his leg so weak that his toes dragged on the ground when he walked (called a foot drop).

We started care and he began to improve but his wife had made him an appointment in a neurologist’s office and she insisted that he keep the appointment. The neurologist was alarmed about the foot drop and, even though he was showing improvement, he recommended surgery on the herniated disc.

I called the neurologist and spoke with him about the case. I outlined the progress we had made at The Back Care Center and let him know that we have had great results with similar cases. He told me, “You can’t do that.” He insisted there was no way I could help a patient with a herniated disc and a foot drop.

The patient wasn’t too keen on the idea of surgery and was pleased with the results we had been getting, so he continued to work with me. We used spinal decompression, chiropractic and exercise therapy together and I am happy to say the patient made a full recovery.

I sent the Neurologist a final report when we finished up with the patient’s care. For some reason I never heard back from the neurologist about the case. I hate when someone tells me “You can’t do that” – especially when I can.

Has somebody told you that you can’t get healthy without surgery? Are you looking for a non-surgical path out of pain and back to health? Call our Dumont Chiropractor and let’s see what we’re able to accomplish together.

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