A Hawk Doesn’t Resent Gravity!

A Hawk Doesn't Resent Gravity!

Chiropractic Dumont NJ Bike Ride

This past Sunday I was out riding my bicycle in Washington Township and was struggling up a pretty steep hill. I was about half way up and could see the top. My legs were hurting, I was breathing hard and all I could think was “I really hate gravity.”

Suddenly a hawk leapt from its perch on a low tree branch and passed in front of me just a few feet off the ground. It flapped furiously to gain some height and just managed to clear the trees in front of me. I watched as it kept on climbing until it was high enough to begin circling and gliding.

As I watched the hawk fly, I realized that unlike me on my bike, it didn’t seem to resent the gravity: it just did what it had to do to get high enough to fly and hunt. I felt inspired by the thought and I pushed my way up the hill.

During the rest of the ride, I had time to think. Many of us spend time resenting things we need to do instead of just doing what needs to be done. It doesn’t matter how important the issue, there always seems to be a reason why we avoid getting it accomplished. So it really isn’t a surprise that when it comes to health, some people don’t want to do what’s necessary.

When patients come into my office with pain, my job is to evaluate their problem and create a plan for a solution. If I am going to help, they have to stick to the plan and do things like keep their appointments, do their exercises, and make changes to their diet. Most work with me and get positive results; however, some resent the process, don’t follow through with the plan, and never get better.

If you are suffering with something like neck pain or back pain and it is stopping you from doing the things you love, you can do something about it. But if you decide to improve your health, then don’t get frustrated by the process. Pedal harder and get to the top of your hill.

We may not be able to help you fly like a hawk, but we can help you get the relief you need.

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