More Scare Tactics: Does Anybody Really Need a Hands-Free Soap Dispenser?

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I have been paying attention to ads recently and I have noticed that the “fear factor” in advertising is not only confined to drug companies.

Even the soap industry is getting into "scare tactics." The other day I heard an ad about a pump soap dispenser that you don’t have to touch. The ad said that regular soap pumps might have germs on them and that you should not take the chance of touching them and contracting a disease.

How silly. If you are using the pump, aren’t you about to wash your hands…with SOAP? And if there were some bacteria present on the pump, washing your hands should kill them.

The scary truth about soap is not the germs that may be on the pump but the fact that “Antibacterial” soaps are doing more harm than good. They are helping to breed “superbugs” which are resistant to our natural defenses. Plus, too frequent hand washing can dry out your skin, breaking down your natural barrier to bacteria and opening the door to the very danger you were hoping to prevent.

While personal hygiene is important, washing your hands after you touch anything is not the secret to staying healthy. Maintaining a strong immune system is your best defense against illness. And that’s where The Back Care Center can help. Regular chiropractic adjustments combined with nutritional support can help keep you and your immune system healthy and strong.

If you have any questions about what you can be doing to avoid illness, Call us at 201-387-7463 to schedule an appointment today with your Dumont Chiropractor. It isn’t about not being scared of germs and bacteria – it’s about having the best life you can.

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