Health Care Scare Tactics

Health Care Scare Tactics in Dumont

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I was driving the other day and noticed 4 or 5 ads on the radio about “Health Care”. The one thing they had in common was the way the ads were designed to make listeners scared. In truth, they worked and while driving, I began to wonder how much of a risk I was taking by not looking into the medications they were suggesting.

When I heard one piece from a high risk pregnancy group say that “not everyone needs their help but why take the chance” a light bulb went off in my head. How crazy! I STILL felt fear, even though my wife and I are NOT expecting any more children and I realized that all these ads are supposed to scare you into action, even if that action isn’t the right one for you.

For 25 plus years, I have been telling people about the beauty and the benefits of being healthy. And all the while media and drug companies have been focused on scaring people into compliance by making it sound like “DISEASE” is around every corner waiting to steal your health from your unsuspecting hands.

The truth is, health is a wonderful thing. It allows you to enjoy time with family, succeed at your job, play hard at sports or just enjoy time to relax. It doesn’t come in pill form and can only be pursued by taking positive actions. Of course, there is a time for medication and disease care and I am thankful for the advances in medicine during those times. But the time to work on your health is now and every moment of your life in the future. Not only because it is so difficult to recover when lost but because being healthy adds so much to your life every day.

If you have any questions about what you can be doing to improve your health, call us at 201-387-7463 to schedule an appointment today with your Dumont Chiropractor. It isn’t about not being scared of disease – it’s about having the best life you can.

Have a great and healthy day!
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