Golf, Exercise and Conditioning: A Cautionary Tale

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I have a patient who came to me for help with his golf swing. We did a full functional analysis and then video taped his swing. All told, we spent about an hour evaluating him and then I spent another half hour going over his results.

When he came back, we talked about what was going on with his body and why he was having certain difficulties with his game. We spoke about balance and exercises. I told him about the program I had planned for him and how it would help to fix him physically so he could play better on the course.

He was more interested in the videos we shot and his swing evaluation. He went right out and started working on fixing his swing and the next time I saw him, he happily informed me that he had shaved more than 5 strokes off his last 3 rounds. We spoke a little more about the golf fitness exercises and conditioning program, but he was happy with his improvement and didn’t see the need to start putting in more time.

The next time I saw him was about a week later. He had called the office because he had hurt his upper back and shoulder in the middle of a round of golf. It turned out that he had a moderate tear in one of the muscles in his rotator cuff and injured the joint where one of his ribs met his spine.

It took us about three months to get him out of pain and back to playing. In my opinion, backed up by my Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Training, this was all avoidable if he had only followed through with my initial recommendations. The moral of the story is to make sure the golfer is in good shape before trying to fix his game.

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