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Golf is a funny game: for many players, the harder they try, the poorer the results. A major reason is that amateur golfers are usually weekend warriors. They put little or no work into conditioning, and then they power swing every time they tee up the ball. Aches, pains and even serious injuries can be expected…and predicted.

Most amateur golfers hurt themselves not because they have a poor swing but because they have poor body mechanics. In other words, they simply can’t move their bodies into the positions required by the sport. Instead, they will seek out the help of a golf pro, taking countless lessons hoping to stop slicing into the woods or hooking into the water. Sometimes they’ll get better, but the majority of recreational players fail to take the basic steps necessary to really improve their game.

“Fix the player first, then work on their game.” All of my education and all of my Titleist Certified Golf Fitness training tells me this is the only way to make a good golfer out of an average weekend player. More importantly, we can help them to avoid hurting their back or shoulder or knee or wrist at the same time.

In my office, we run golfers through an exhaustive functional screening. We look at how they move and focus on the exact areas of their bodies that are causing issues. It can be a joint problem, a soft tissue injury or simply a coordination issue. Most of the time, the problems we find are not causing the golfer any pain but are significantly changing the way they swing the club.

By discovering where the problem is, we can help with appropriate therapies, stretching, massage therapy and golf exercises. Only then do we look at your golf swing, evaluate it and turn you over to Jon Manos, our PGA golf pro to help you correct the problems you might still have in your swing.

If you really want to fix your golf swing and you don’t want to sacrifice your health to the game, call us at 201-387-7463 to schedule an appointment today with your Dumont Chiropractor. First, we'll fix you. Then we'll take a swing at your swing.


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