Why Is Your Back Like A Toilet?

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The other day I found myself answering a very familiar question. A patient wanted to know how he could have done so much damage to his spine for so many years but still not feel any back pain until just recently.

After over 25 years in practice, I am used to patients asking me this question. I explained to him that spinal damage often accumulates over time but doesn’t become apparent until it can affect function. It isn’t the final and often small event, like bending down to pick up a piece of clothing off the floor, which caused the problem, although that is when you finally become aware of the problem and suddenly realize you have back pain or neck pain.

As I said, this was a familiar conversation and I have had to think of many different ways of illustrating this fact to my practice members. However, this patient, after hearing what I had to say, gave me something new to think about.

“OH,” he said, “so your back is like a toilet!”

I had never heard this analogy and the confusion must have shown immediately on my face. “How is that?” I asked. He went on to explain that toilets frequently flood because of pipes that become blocked over time. You usually don’t know it is happening until one day you flush and the toilet overflows all over the bathroom.

I thought about it and had to laugh. He was right, your back is like a toilet and here was a man who truly understood chiropractic adjustments!

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