There's Still Time to Support "Shelter Our Sisters" at The Back Care Center until May 11.

Support Shelter Our Sisters in Dumont

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So far, thanks to you, our annual drive for “Shelter Our Sisters” is going great.

We’ve had lots of generous donations… and more importantly, lots of interest and concern about “Shelter Our Sisters” and their mission from our patients.

It’s a little surprising, but every time I tell a patient the story of how long we’ve been helping SOS (10 years!), it reminds me of how good it feels to support a cause and help people.

And that brings me to you. If you’re reading this, I want you to think about helping two groups of people: Shelter Our Sisters, and the people in your life who are in pain.

If you know somebody with back pain, or neck pain, or headaches, and you thin they might be helped by chiropractic care, then now is the time to bring them in. First of all, they can get exams and x-rays for a donation of just $35, rather than the normal charge of $255. And second, that donation goes to help protect the victims of domestic violence.

It’s a win-win-win. And you’re at the heart of it all.

Just to remind you, our drive lasts until this Saturday, May 11. During that time, The Back Care Center will provide:

  • Exams and X-Rays for a $35 donation
    (normally a $255 charge)
  • Adjustments for a $25 donation
    (one per patient, normally $80)

All money raised will be given to "Shelter Our Sisters" to help protect the victims of domestic violence. Please call Dumont Chiropractor for an appointment today at 201-387-7463.


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