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The Easy Path in Dumont

Chiropractic Dumont NJ Neck Pain

Sometimes, I want to take the easier path in the office and let my patients decide for themselves what type of care they should get. I don’t want to explain that, just because their pain is better, their problem may not be gone. Very often this approach backfires on me but more importantly, it hurts my patients.

This happened again just recently. A gentleman from Dumont has been coming to me for years to take care of his back. Because of his work schedule, he has been very irregular with his care. Even though he has bad spinal problems, he sometimes would go months without getting adjusted.

A couple of months ago he hurt his lower back again. This was the worst I had ever seen him. The pain was so severe that I had to see him twice a day for a week. Every time he moved, his entire back would spasm and at times I had to hold him up, so he didn’t fall down from the pain. After a couple of weeks, he finally was better enough to return to work and within three weeks, he was almost completely pain free.

This time I didn’t want to make the same mistake I had in the past. I told him, “you need to be here for your adjustments, regardless of your work schedule.” He agreed and the change that regular care has made in his spine is remarkable. He even told me that “this is the best my back has felt in years.”

After over 30 years of practice, I think I have learned to stop making this mistake. Taking the easier path just isn’t always the best one.

If you or someone you know is suffering with back or neck pain, the first call you should make should be to a chiropractor. Feel free to reach out to Dumont Chiropractor at 201-387-7463. We have been taking care of people from Dumont and the surrounding towns in Bergen for over 30 years, and we would be happy to help you too.


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