The Chiropractic Approach to Shoulder Injury Rehab

Shoulder Pain in Dumont

Chiropractic Dumont NJ Shoulder Pain

Going back to school to stay current with the latest medical developments or expand the treatment options we can provide our patients is important for any doctor.

Last week I attended a seminar covering rehabilitation for the shoulder and arm. The topic wasn’t new but I enjoyed reviewing the information and got to touch base with some doctors I have not seen in several years. While the material was familiar, I was struck by how different a chiropractic rehabilitative approach is compared to the typical medical model.

The shoulder can be a difficult area to rehab and long-term injuries are common. Anyone who has suffered with rotator cuff tears or bursitis already knows the standard treatment: medications for the pain, simple exercises and ultrasound. Some patients may get results this way, but I find that more often the “standard” approach doesn’t address the whole problem and often the patient will soon experience another injury to the region.

The shoulder joint is not like the other weight-bearing joints in the body. Gravity doesn’t stabilize the shoulder. Instead, the shoulder hangs from your skeleton, attached by muscles and ligaments. Power is generated in the shoulder by good stabilizing muscles and a full range of motion in all the related areas. When we treat our shoulder patients, we usually look at the entire shoulder but then also evaluate the neck, middle back and even the lower back as well. Good function of the muscles and joints in all of these regions is needed to really fix shoulder injuries.

Those of you who have shoulder problems know how painful they can be. It isn’t uncommon for people to develop drug dependencies because of the unrelenting agony.

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