Surviving Sandy… but the office is closed until power is back in Dumont, NJ!

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We never seem to be prepared for storms like the one we just experienced. In the past 2 years, power outages, downed trees and damaged homes are all things to which we have become accustomed. Yet somehow, it is always shocking to us to see the effects of Mother Nature’s violence.

This time I have again lost power in both my home and my office. Unlike last year, the trees that fell missed my home, office and car. Aside from cleaning up some fallen branches, once the power is returned we will be able to get back to our work and our lives.

During the aftermath of Sandy, my thoughts and prayers are saved for those who have been less fortunate. So many people have suffered terrible losses to their homes, or even worse, their health. To all my friends, family and practice members, I only hope that you get through this challenging time with as few difficulties as possible and with your and your family’s health intact.

All the best,
Dr. David Schwartz

Because the office is without power, The Back Care Center of Dumont, NJ will be closed until power is restored, hopefully by Friday. Please call Dumont Chiropractor before coming down.


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