Once in Dumont, Forever at Home!

I have been practicing chiropractic in Dumont, New Jersey for over thirty years since 1990. But, for over 12 years I also lived here. I lived in the home that was attached office building. My Chiropractic practice was originally located on Grant Avenue directly across from the Grant Elementary school. During the time that I lived there in town, I enjoyed the sense of community that the residents of Dumont seem to share. Even now, just being a business owner in town, I feel like this is the place where I truly belong.

The Small Town Feel

There is a small town feeling to Dumont that allowed people to wave and smile to everyone you see on the streets. I would often go for bicycle rides in town and it did not matter if I rode on my street or Washington Avenue or Madison Avenue. Everyone seemed to be friendly and there was always a familiar face around.

Dumont is culturally diverse and there are African Americans, Caucasians, people from the Philippines as well as other ethnicities. Economically, the town sits between extreme wealth on one end and a blue collar community on the other. Dumont enjoys a real mixture in terms of economic success and it is a town which prides itself on not stigmatizing anyone for the money that they make.

Ideal Location

Honestly, growing up in NY, I never expected to end up living in New Jersey. The Garden State seemed to me to be a mystery and I never appreciated how close it was to everything that mattered to me. Dumont has plenty to do in the town itself. There are pubs and restaurants all over. If I needed take out food, was right down the block there was three different places to call and if I wanted something more formal, there are elegant dining establishments in the center of town.

Because the town is boarded by several others like Cresskill, Tenafly, Closter, New Milford and Bergenfield, I wasn't limited and could find entertainment outside of town and but didn't have to travel more than 10 minutes away. When I was feeling adventurous, a quick trip into New York City took no more than thirty minutes.

Family Living

My home in Dumont was not too big. Perfect size for starting a family. However, there are such a variety of homes available in the town that if my office was not attached, I could have found a home of practically any size. Home values are great in Dumont and you can find single bedroom apartments or 5 bedroom houses to buy or to rent.

Family living is common in town. There are often several generations living close together here. It is not unusual to have aunt cousins
Almost all the single family homes have a back yard here. Weekend mornings come with the sounds of lawn mowers and every afternoon during summer weekends, you smell the Barbeques and can hear the sounds of families eating outside together or chatting with their neighbors across their fences.

So for anyone looking to find a home, Dumont is waiting. Singles, couples or large families all reside here and you are welcome to join.